Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tomato Tulips

I love tulips, which is a good thing, since I live in the Netherlands (home of the very popular tulips fields!). While planning for a farewell party for a friend, I ran across this awesome looking pin for tomato tulips:

Aren't they beautiful?

Unfortunately, this is one of the kinds of pins that I absolutely can't stand. The kind with a link that doesn't take you to the project, but instead, to the pinner's homepage. Ugh. No instructions, just a bunch of completely different projects. Boo.

Now, occasionally, I'll hunt through a website until I find the pin I'm looking for. But, during party prep, when using fresh food, I just don't have that kind of time.

So, I decided to "wing it" and create the project on my own.

Let me tell you that I couldn't figure out what to pipe into the tomatoes and had several messy disasters. Yuck.

I improvised with some yellow peppers instead, to try to get tulips that look somewhat like these:

Here's what I ended up with:

To make the tomatoes into the tulip flower, I cut an "x" into the tops of cherry and roma tomatoes. I inserted a small piece of yellow pepper, then put them on a plate with a slice of green onion for a stem.

So, not really even close to the original pin, but, when I lined them up on a nice, white serving plate, I thought they looked really pretty.

Now, in my opinion, the role of food at a party is to satisfy hunger, not merely look pretty. Our party guests loved the way these looked on the table, but by the end of the party, only two had been eaten.

All things considered, I give this project/recipe "1 pin down" for the following reasons:
- The pin's link takes you to a website homepage, instead of to a post detailing the project.
- Without instructions, it was hard to figure out how to make this work.
- When I ended up with an improvised final product, it looked nice, but didn't live up to my intentions for it (to feed party guests).

I might make these again, if I need a creative decoration. I've thought about using them as a border for a veggie tray in the future, but I won't make them as a standalone appetizer.

Happy pinning, everyone!

- Christa


  1. I am going to make the tomato tulips with a goat cheese dip stuffed in them. I like your idea of the yellow pepper to give that extra color. I will video and take pictures. When done I will send you a link. Thank you for your idea. I hope you will like what I come up with.

  2. Hi Rose! We'd love to see your video and pictures! Feel free to post a link back here in the comments, and then we'll write up a "pin update" post and share your project with everyone :)

    Have fun!

    - Christa