Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes - made from beans!!

This recipe amazes the heck out of me! I cannot even believe it is possible to make chocolate cupcakes out of....beans.


Just WHOA.

The recipe was very easy to follow.

One word of advice, though: the blog is Australian and is the baking temperature is in Celsius. So if you are US-based, don't forget to convert the baking temperature to Fahrenheit. It's 350 degreesF.

(I may have, possibly, maybe cooked them at 175F at first...before I realized that, ya know, no one cooks cupcakes at 175F for 10-15 minutes...)

Here is one all finished, prior to frosting:

I recommend frosting them, either with the frosting recipe in the pin, or with your own frosting. They were fine plain, but they were better frosted.

Overall these definitely get a 2 pins up. I will absolutely be making them again. They were a hit at our house!

- Robyn

Homemade Fruit Snacks

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE fruit snacks. I don't understand why, because to me they just seem blah.

But my son begs for them ALL.THE.TIME.

The problem is that we don't let him eat them (aside from the occasional "slip" at the grandparents' houses, of course) because there's really no nutritional value. No, I would argue there's a negative nutritional value, what with all the sugar and artificial colors, dyes, processing ingredients.

But, I still sometimes feel guilty that he begs and I always say no.

So I found this pin, and we tried it:

It uses gelatin and fruit juice concentrate. So, if you don't want artificial ingredients, you can purchase your items accordingly (organic jello and 100%, non-gmo juice concentrate, for example).

Here we are in process:

I used an ice cube tray instead of a silicon mold just because it's what I had on hand.

They popped right out of the tray and I cut them into quarters. Here they are finished:

These were really easy and great tasting! And the best part is that they are (can be made) artificial-ingredient-free! My son loved them and I even found myself eating the...

This is a keeper. Two pins up!

- Robyn

Skinny Turkey Chili

I am a huge chili fan! It's always been a dish I've loved.

But, as I've grown, I've also grown more conscious of what I put into my body. And I'm not too convinced most chilis are all too healthy.

When I saw this pin awhile ago, I knew I needed to try it!

It was very simple to make, albeit I made it a bit simpler by not exactly following the directions. Instead of browning the meat, for which the recipe called, I just threw it into the crockpot uncooked.

The consistency still came out totally fine.

The consensus: My husband and I both agreed that this is a 1 pin up recipe. It was...just ok.

I will say that I personally thought it was much better the way my 3yo son ate it: with a ton of shredded cheddar! Kid has the right idea... So maybe try it that way if you make it.

- Robyn

Sunday, November 17, 2013

GF Sausage and Sugar Plum Tomato Pizza

I have an over abundance of grape tomatoes right now. I bought waaaaayyyyy too many. I tend to do that when I see a sale on something that's not normally on sale, like organic produce and meats.

Unfortunately, these things rot. And often pretty quickly. Like, before I notice they're rotting, since I have no memory anymore (pretty sure I already told you that my kids sucked it out), and I won't remember that I need to use them...ya know...unless I notice they're rotting.

So here's a recipe I used to help get rid of them:

The crust was easy and quick. Minimal ingredients.

(The eggs should be beaten, by the way, but I ain't got no time for that crap!)

Oh and I kind of combined the two recipes in the pinned post. So the crust is cauliflower and almond meal, but the toppings are tomato, sausage and mozz.

I cooked it on a pizza stone.

Yum yum.

I let my husband review this one because he is more discriminating than I. So...

He said the almond meal and cauliflower crust was a definite 2 pins up. I will be making it again and he liked it more than the cauliflower and mozzarella crust I normally make.

Just with different toppings. 

Cuz he really didn't like the grape tomato and sausage combination. If you take that into account he gives it a 1 pin down.

But I think the crust is more important because the toppings can change to your liking. 

So enjoy this pizza as you like it!

- Robyn

A-Freaking-Mazing Artichoke Dip

The title is not mine. ;-)

But it is absolutely true!! A-freaking-mazing. So now you know the ending: this dip gets a 2 pins up! If you count the number of thumbs of every person at the party who liked this dip, it'd probably get a "50 thumbs up." Seriously. A-freaking-mazing.

Ok, now that that's outta the way, here's the pin:

Not only was this dip amazing, but it was very simple. Mix all ingredients, then cook until bubbly and golden.

(I tried to use a pita chip to hide the spot we had already dug into. Didn't work so well, huh?)

Anyway, there you have it people. Love. Please make it for your next party!! Or maybe even just for dinner!

- Robyn

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

So this post kind of piggy-backs on my other post. I'm reviewing the cake recipe!

We are mainly gluten-free in this household and it makes us all feel better. Naturally I wanted a gluten-free cake for the baby's birthday party.

I really scoured Pinterest for gluten-free chocolate cake recipes, searching for one that seemed pretty easy and was made with common ingredients. This is the one I thought would fit the bill:

I forgot to take "process" pics, though. It was late at night...and there was a Hallmark Christmas movie on... 

I can't be faulted for this mistake.

But here it is done:


Yes, I do know it's the same picture as my review here. I already told you there was a Hallmark Christmas movie on, need I say more?

But let's just say it was delicious! It did taste quite coconut-y because of the coconut oil, but I thought it added a nice touch to the flavor.

Two pins up for this one! I will most definitely be making this cake again.

- Robyn 

Construction Cake

My littlest turned one recently... *gasp* *tear* *tear*

We didn't have a huge party, but we did have some family and friends over. This is the design I chose for the cake:

So, the cake I made (which was gluten-free) was not big enough to do all that. And I desperately wanted to put a digger on it, but my older son seemed to have brought the 10,000 of them he "owns" outside into the sandbox. And obviously, there's no way they were coming inside, let alone on a cake! ;-)

So, I made due.

It looked super cute, and perfect for a 1 year old! 

I absolutely loved this idea and I secretly hope my 3yo will want this for his birthday, which is, albeit, not til next summer, but that's how much I enjoyed making it. Definitely a 2 pins up!

- Robyn